Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Here comes the rain

Well it's now that time of year when it starts to be rainy and horrible. As opposed to that time of year when it's freezing and beautiful, which was yesterday. There's nothing quite like Britain's seasons for clear delineation.

I've been hardening off my Broad bean sproutings (they're growing so fast!) leaving them out on the doorstep during the day. I've even watered them in their paper pots with camomile tea, which I hope is more to their liking than mine. All this is to get them ready for hopeful outdoor planting in the next day or two.

I've got a couple of days off work, and the parents are coming over (mum has assured me her wellies are coming too) so there should finally be some gardening on the cards... if the rain abates, that is.


Clare said...

Yep, it absolutely chucked it down here all day too. though for once this made me feel smug because I'de been down the allotment yesterday so I didn't care if it rained to today!

Al said...

dim and dismal today too, though mum is keen to get in the garden. I have a big root of rhubarb they've brought! i have a long childhood disdain of the stuff, but i'm going to get over that!