Friday, March 24, 2006


I had a blackcurrant bush arrive this morning. To correct a previous post about my fruit bushes arriving, they were actually raspberries and blueberries that arrived a few days ago. They came from crocus, the online shop and were brilliantly boxed, in tubs, with growing instructions and looking wonderful.

So it was quite a surprise when i opened a peculiar potato sack delivery bag this morning and found my blackcurrant bush laid bare. There it was with its roots sitting for all to see in a seethru polythene bag. I'd ordered this from the organic catalogue, and to be fair, the bush looks in perfect condition. It was just a shock to find it without dirt. It also didn't have any instructions telling me what to do, and as i left for work, I was wondering if i should be leaving it on the side for fear of milo thinking it was a new stick toy. (He does like his stick toys.)

But anyway, weather permitting I'll be sticking it in the garden at the weekend and giving it some life juice - and soil. I found it really intriguing how different companies send out their goods. ( As an aside, both delivered the plants really quickly though, so that definitely deserves a cheer.)

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Greenmantle said...

Crocus are an excellent site. I have frequently ordered stuff for remote delivery to my garden crazy Mum in Devon, and they have never let me down yet. The one time something was late arriving (a shrub for a wedding anniversary present) it was because the driver had rejected the plant as " not of a suitable standard"... the driver! in fact, most of their delivery drivers are trained plant people, and will even help you site and plant the goods if you ask nicely, Very helpful for elderly or disabled gardeners.
I get my fruit stock online from Ken Muir, and they come bare rooted as well. Seems to work fine, but I agree it looks a bit scary at first.