Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Some minor achievements

Anything but sprouts has been a bit quiet of late. The garden hasn't seen much loving, and even the birds have been complaining about lack of food. But even with my lack of time and effort on the plot this year, there have been a few minor successes.

The Broad Beans came out beautifully before they got savaged by blackfly. I did love them, and I'll definitely try more next year. My Blueberry bush has given me loads of fruit - quite unexpectedly – and I am determined to get a few more plants for next year. Another success has been my tomato hanging basket at the front of my flat. They've ripened beautifully, and the taste is just amazing. Sod flowers, hanging baskets will always have tomatoes in them from now on! And finally, my chillis. While not having quite as much fruit on them as previous years, I have at least 6 chillis to dry and see me through the next month or so.

I just wish I had more to show, or rather eat, for the past 6 months of Anything but Sprouts. Next year, maybe...