Saturday, April 02, 2005

Transformers, seedlings in disguise

I haven't described the things I've got currently growing, so here goes. I have a fascination for chilli plants - partly due to an exceedingly successful crop last year, so I've got both Jalapeno and Cayenne varieties on the go. The cayennes dried brilliantly in 2004, and I'm still living off them. So here's hoping!

Then there's a couple of tomato varieties. I have Riesentraube - apparently this has an unusual sharp flavour, and is affectionately known as 'goat's tit' in Hungary. It's also mostly used for making wine. Why I'm growing this tomato is beyond me, as they'll probably be horrid, but with the words unusual and wine in the description, I couldn't stop myself. (Maybe I should attempt tomato wine instead of the usual homebrew this year?) Then there's the yellow variety, Golden Queen. Once again, it's an oddity, and something you don't see in the shops. Hence my wanting to grow it.

Then there's the two varieties of Leek: Varna and Early Market. These are already growing strong and will soon go out in my plastic greenhouse to harden off a bit. I wanted to grow these small, as leeks are so lovely when they're babies.

And last but not least, umpteen varieties of lettuce, which are already growing beautifully outside in my green house. I've got heritage varieties on the go from my seed club, White Seeded Samara, Bronze Arrow, and a couple off others. But they're all looking dandy already.

So that's all there is currently, and here they are in before and after style.

It was here I learnt that cats aren't the best helpers when it comes to gardening. Not only do they hate you writing your blog, they also find it difficult to allow you to sow seeds.

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Clare said...

True enough about cats. Our mog seems to love it whenever I water plants of any description (she's a bit bonkers) but she's much less keen on anything else that gets in the way of giving her the attention and devotion she beleives she deserves.