Friday, April 15, 2005

No need to water!

I managed to wander out into the garden this morning to water the contents of my greenhouse, only to find that everything was perfectly fine and I needn't have bothered. Everything was happily sprouting and flourishing with the water it had. I guess I should have been happy, but it felt like a bit of a let-down, and I promptly turned round and walked back inside again.

I've decided though that tomorrow is D-Day for the leeks. Their time for comfortable living has passed, and they're required to set out on their own paths in life. This will be a very exciting moment, as they will be the first things to go out in my plot. They will look tiny among the mass of dirt, but they'll be giants in my mind.

And did anyone happen to see the McLibel programme on BBC4 last night, as Helen Steel had a wonderful allotment, and was pulling out a brilliantly huge turnip. Fabulous TV too!

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