Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A new arrival!

And then there was a chaffinch! And a pair at that! The new arrivals are so desperate to be loved, but the other birds are giving them a really hard time. Let's hope they sort out their differences soon.

I managed to find some peat-free growbags. It would appear that they're out of stock now, however. Thanks Asha for the nod to Wyevale though. It's about time everywhere started selling them and got rid of the use of peat altogether. Once again it'll take our government to do something to stop it, so I won't hold my breath. And I'll also get off my high horse, too.

And thanks Clare for making me comfortable with my bodging tendencies. I agree that it suits allotments and gardening well. Katie's currently pushing me to stick up my detailed plans for making a drinking straw and freezer bag germinator for seed trays. So maybe I'll do that. Plans for a self-bodged germinator anyone? It really does work! I have two Purple Podded Pea Seedlings to prove it!

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