Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fame at last!

It's official! my garden's famous. Well, ok, a small part of it (a branch to be exact) and one of its swiftly moving residents. Ok I'll come clean, Katie was testing some expensive cameras for the Independent by taking photos of birds in our garden - and they published one of her photos in the article (in last Sunday's review supplement). It was one my proudest moments. Equal to that of almost winning the school football cup when I was 9ish (we lost four-three after giving away a penalty and an own goal! Gah!!). One day my veg plot will be famous too. Come on Katie! Do an article about how to photograph vegetables. You know you want to.

Other exciting events of the weekend included being donated lemon balm seedlings from Asha to help ward off the weak-bladdered cats fom our borders. There was also the monumental occasion of planting out my purple peas which had reached the lofty heights of a few inches. They've only had rain since I planted them out, so I hope it will be doing them some good. And my red basil is sprouting. Rainbow borders are go!


Jim Nye said...

Congratulations on your fame.Is an autograph out of the question? Last year we entered four photographs of our allotment,two of mine ( a professional photographer for 26 years ) and two of Barbara's(taken on a throwaway camera ) into our yearly society veg and flower show.She won 1st and 2nd prize and I never got a mention.Perhaps I chose the wrong career?

Al said...

Ooh, that must have hurt a little. Probably just too good!

All the attempts I made at capturing the birds came out all blurry as we hadn't sussed the options menu at the time – the auto function wasn't quite up to realising that birds move quickly.

Clare said...

Wahey! Great to hear. Though sorry to hear about your football disappointment. The hurt clearly runs deep!

Anonymous said...

very nice! i'm new to your blog, but should you desire fame in another realm feel free to post a pic of your tomatoes and let me know about it here:

have fun, congrats!