Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bodging in the garden

Despite the winds battering my poorly defended greenhouse, it’s held firm, and is doing a grand job. The lettuces are moving at a cracking pace – the sooner I can give up buying lettuce the better. The leeks are also happy in their own little pots, ready to go out when the frosts have past. The yellow tomatoes are really growing well now too.

I’m also excited about finding a root on one of my Blauhilde French bean seeds. I get so impatient that I have to poke around in the dirt and have a look. I did build a tiny little see-through plastic greenhouse to put on top of them though, and it seems to have done the job of raising the temperature brilliantly. The things you can do with straws and freezer bags…

And the final bit of excitement has to be the ground fleece that my parents sent me. Apparently it will warm up the earth, and then I can raise it as the seeds start to germinate. My hope is that it will deter the cats from using my plot as a litter tray, but I won’t hold my breath.

So the week is already quite exciting, but I ‘m still struggling to find a place to buy peat –free growbags. Does anyone know where I can buy them from? I’m coming round to thinking that I may just make my own out of bin bags and organic compost, but once again, it will be one of my bodge (is that spelt right - who'd think that I was a sub eh?) jobs.

I’m a bit too proficient at bodge jobs for my own good.


Clare said...

Surely bodging is to allotmenting what Olympic Gold is to Dame Kelly Holmes - it is the very definition of excellence!

Sorry, don't know where you can get peat free grow bags from (I'm a bit of a bodger myself, and proud of it).

Asha Thiruchelvam said...

Didn't realize that you could get peat-free grow bags... feeling very sheepish now that I have purchased two bags. Asked a friend about this and he found some by Wyevale:

Let's get buying hey!