Thursday, May 05, 2005

Finally, a chance to write!

It was a weekend-and-a-half for gardening. I've become determined to write more posts and take more photos, but the time always seems to fly away from me, especially when i'm on press week when I have no time at all to blog. I'll get there in the end though. Either way, this weekend proved momentous in many ways.

Katie proved her destructive worth once more in clearing even more border and cutting back the debris that engulfs our garden from the savage wasteland next door. I planted out the carrots (nice and comfortable under a little tent-like covering). I also stuck in a few Ambrosia peas that had grown nicely, although they were still quite small. Unfortunately my space is limited in the greenhouse, so I had to give them the push out into the real world. However, the plot is gradually filling up and I'm getting quite excited by it.

From the safety of my greenhouse, my French beans were savaged by some mysterious predator, but i rescued them and they're now sprouting new leaves to replace the chewed ones. I got a little distressed at the time, but I'm calming down now.

My chillis are looking a bit sorry for themselves. They look a bit sad and some of the first leaves are drooping and falling off. I don't know if I put them out in the greenhouse too soon, or whether I over watered them, but hopefully some will keep going. I really would be distraught if I had no chillis at all this year.

And then there's the new birdfeeder, a tall, sculptural thing that looks mighty impressive. We have our upstairs neighbour to thank for this, and we've already had the woodpecker return and enjoy the peanuts.

But anyway must dash once more, and plan all the other things I still have to write about.


Clare said...

Glad to see you back in blog action - I was starting to worry.

Al said...

It's terrible not being able to keep up with events!
I think I might try out my wireless network in the garden and see if I can blog on a laptop while digging ;)

Clare said...

Hmmmm, dunno. You might struggle. Isn't multi-tasking supposed to be a female talent??