Friday, May 27, 2005

Stinking Sweaty Summer

Along with the sun comes sticky, sweaty trains, and the chore that is lugging watering cans umpteen times into my garden to water everything. Last night things didn't look too bad actually, although for the first time in two years, our olive tree was desperate for a drink and was all saggy. It looked much better this morning though, so that lifted my spirits. There have been loads of ants in and around it, and I was a little worried that they'd been munching on its roots. I guess I'll find out soon enough though - hopefully they didn't take too kindly to their impromptu swimming lessons last night!

Oh, and I saw a lovely Pied Wagtail dancing around on Clapham Junction platform this morning. He obviously was from the sub-species Pied Wagtailus Trainspotterus. Very common in London apparently.

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