Thursday, May 12, 2005

Our friendly woodpecker

Our friendly woodpecker

As promised, here's the woodpecker! And our (not very) squirrel-proof bird


Clare said...

What a fabulous picture! What a gorgeous woodpecker! Blimey, but I'm envious.

Al said...

Unfortunately our zoom was a bit lacking, so i wasn't able to get a really detailed shot. He looks so unreal and plastic!

bean said...

When I used to live in Southampton, I worked at an environmental centre on the Common. Close by was an old graveyard ( that was managed pro-actively as a wildlife habitat. Often on summer days after work I would just go and sit amongst the stones watching the birds, and the woodies were always a firm fave as they flitted about in their clockwork manner. The Greens in particular would keep me amused as they strutted about on the ground with almost military precision!

Nice photo and guest to have.