Monday, February 07, 2005

Spade heaven

Birthdays come but once a year, but gardening-linked birthday presents in droves.

There once was a time when i'd receive all manner of music-related products for my birthday, even down to the cards - who knows where mum managed to find all those images depicting a sorrowful cello and a vase of flowers. Then it was art. I'd get pencils and pads galore, and of course, cards depicting palettes and easels.

Then I reached the grand old age of 27 and I was immediately deluged with gardening-related products. I heartily welcomed this new era into my life, and even found myself pointing to objects on the gardening birthday cards: "Oh look, yes that's my spade, and even my trowel - what a lovely card!"

But this was a GOOD year for presents. A new spade that doesn't weigh a tonne; leather gloves that smell just like garden gloves ought to, and the best is yet to arrive; a pair of dashing wellies to really woo the girls in the nearby allotments.

And then there's the seed present: membership to an organic seed company that promotes unusual and ancient seed cultivation! In one fell birthday swoop, I've got the means and goods to make a fully stocked vegetable patch.

My life really is complete.

My delicious gloves!

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