Sunday, February 20, 2005

Flatpacked seed storage

For one reason or another, I've been deluged with seeds this year. As always when I have too much stuff, I try and offload it onto my parents. And, like good parents they've happily agreed. Yes I'm a bad person, but when you have no cupboards, someone has to look after your old Transformer toys. And no, I will never get rid of my Optimus Prime!

So I've had the joyous task of finding a way to send seeds through the post. And what was the answer? An origami seed packet! I've dabbled in origami before - you could say, in equivalent terms to Karate, that I've reached my yellow belt. I'm quite adept at dealing with super-complicated, half-described, not-very-well-illustrated diagrams. But of course, the plan for this little seed packet came from my seed club's catalogue, which was borrowing it from a Swedish seed club. BORROWING ORIGAMI INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE LAND OF IKEA??!! What was this little British seed club thinking? For eight manoeuvres there was a massive offering of two diagrams?!

Even so, I muddled through and managed to make one after about five attempts. I even got quite proficient in the task, and I can now knock one up in a matter of seconds. So Mum and Dad will be getting lots of little seed packets sent to them soon. And I might even make the envelope to put them in.

Lots of origami seed packets.

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