Monday, December 03, 2007

London bloggers meet up

Last week I met a load of London Bloggers at a pub, in London. I know i haven't done much blogging of late other than here, but it was nice to meet so many new people. It's a funny business meeting people you don't know, but I was brave and strong.

Ultimately, I did end up drawing mice for everyone, but as The Mousehunter website's done, I thought it might be a bit of practice and a way of spreading the mousing word. So if you get a second, please have a nose at The Mousehunter site, and let me know what you think. The lovely Tom Percival (who did the art for Skulduggery Pleasant!) helped me do it all, and I'll be forever grateful for his time!


Mystic Veg said...

Hi, you've been tagged by Mystic Veg. You need to list seven things we don't know about you, then tag five other bloggers.

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