Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Food snobbery? Moi?

I was intrigued by this comment piece in the paper about food prejudice and snobbery between the classes. Unfortunately, I don't see the problem with eating healthily - and I also don't see how it's possible to bundle eating healthily, having enough money to buy posh produce and the questions of recycling into one argument.

I don't think I'm a food snob, or simply some left-wing liberal hippy (alright maybe a little), but i feel a lot of this argument is about education. I don't solely mean schooling here, although it's a good place to start. People should know from an early age about the benefits of decent food, particularly meat. And particularly how it's beneficial to the countryside and general landscape of modern life. Once more people want better quality produce, then it will become more widely available, and be cheaper too. Everyone will be a winner.

On another note, I also don't see why people who don't have space to keep recycled rubbish, such as people in tower blocks, should complain - they've got to keep their rubbish somewhere anyway don't they? Whether it's in a bin bag or an orange recycling bag? That's a nonsense argument if ever I heard one.

So I don't believe it's about being class-ist, or a snob. It's about being ignorant. And I thoroughly believe that if you don't have much money, you can still eat healthily. Things will just be that much harder for you. You just have to know the benefits of going that extra yard.


Caroline said...

I am sure that there are many mums (and dad's for that matter) who have been bought up on good wholesome food and know how to make the most of their shopping budget without buying processed cheese or goats cheese for that matter. And as for recycling that is just tosh. I think it all comes down to convenience, if we have to work a bit harder at things then people use anything and everything as an excuse. I know I do...

clairesgarden said...

I was trying to discuss food at work, one of them says'what do you mean, in season? whats in season?'
I gave up trying to discuss food at work!

Al said...

I get laughed at all the time at work, firstly for the fact that i have a few particular food preferences, secondly that i have a cat that go on about all the time. They just don't understand! ;)