Monday, April 10, 2006


It was a funny old weekend for weather. We had glorious sunshine, then stormy skies, then rain. And I heard tales from my gran of snow storms, hail and frosts.

I couldn't keep up. And that also meant I actually did very little outside. However, I did put some canes in the soil just to get my brain thinking about planting runner beans. I also spent ten minutes sorting out my seedlings - which gave me great joy as my chilis are sprouting.

For some reason the sight of chilli plants breaking out of the soil fills me with more joy than any other veg plant growing. I suppose it muct be the exotic air they carry with them, and the fact that they're ultimately very cool. Or hot.

But I also failed to plant my tea seeds. I'm desperate to get my chinese tea plant on the go - so much so that I keep forgetting to do it. It's been almost a month now since I bought them. I'm not going to think about how many cups of tea I've missed out on because of this though.


esther said...

Hello, i've been reading your blog for a week or two now, and I just thought i'd tell you that my chilli seeds are sprouting too! but only after i'd bunged them into a kitchen cupboard that was the warmest place in my little flat.

now i'm worried that they'll keel over and die from the cold as soon as i try and let them have some sunlight.

also, where did you get your tea seeds? are they the seeds of camelia sens-something-or-other? i was looking online for them, but found only tea plants, and they were expensive.

Al said...

Hello Esther! I've had my chilli seeds on my window, which does get warm - although they've taken two maybe three weeks to germinate. They're only weeny - but i can see potential in them. I'm sure yours will be fine on a window. They might feel a bit annoyed for a while, but still, what can you do?

My tea seeds were of Camelia Sinensis, and I bought them at Kew Gardens. They were packaged by the Exotic Seed company, but i've found that you can buy them here online Just type in tea, and Camelia Sinensis pops up! Hope that helps.

Asha Thiruchelvam said...

That's anticipation for you. Been meaning to repot the aloe vera in the porch for a year now. Everytime I use the front door there's a 'doh!' ringing in my head

Jules said...

Hello! I was doing research on chili plant and came across your blog. You mention about the satisfaction of watching your chili seeds sprout. I couldn't agree more! Its difficult to grow chili at my place and when the first few sprouts emerged, I took pictures of them with my camera. I would visit the pot in my balcony every 5 minutes, as though their growth depends on it.

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