Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Paper Potter

It was my birthday at the end of last week, and that meant too much eating and partying, and yet another weekend without digging and readying my plot. However, it also meant that I now have a brand new rake and hoe (coming in the post), and a wonderful thing called a Paper Potter for making your own plant pots.

If someone knows of more fun to be had with an old newspaper than this, then let me know. (Oh, and it's super environmentally friendly too, unless you read and use the new all-colour Guardian, like me. Bah!)


Clare said...

Why not the new Guardian? I too make pots from paper and the only paper I get is the Guardian on Saturdays, so if there's aproblem I'm a bit stuck. Is there a problem with the ink?

Al said...

Well I may be wrong, but I've read a few letters in the paper from readers talking about the new coloured inks being poisonous to their wormeries? I've tried to find a definitive answer on the web, and all i could glean was that a lot of papers now use soy-based ink which in itself is not poisonous (although it must still contain solvent I guess?). So there is actually probably very little that would be bad from using coloured newspaper. I suppose it's a quantity thing too. Sorry to alarm you, I should really check my facts out thoroughly first! Maybe someone more scientifically minded than me knows for sure. I work in the production side of magazines, so i really should know about inks and stuff, but hey?! There's only so much time.

Clare said...

Well I think I can let you off for not knowing everything, though you might want to put a disclaimer somewhere on your site about not being omniscient! ;)

I guess I'll just have to experiement and see what happens.

Mildew said...

Ink used for most newspapers is made from soy and is ok to use, but there is some ink that is petroleum based which is bad. I'd be surprised if the guardian used that ink though what with them trying to be nice to the world and everything.