Monday, February 27, 2006

Broad beans are GO!

I finally planted my broad beans this weekend. I'd made a number of paper pots to sow them in and they're now on the bedroom window (I don't know how wise this is, as everywhere says to plant them straight out - but i thought it might give them an extra kick up the bum to get going). I guess time will tell.

I also did a bit of light digging again. (Can't over do it!) It's amazing how much better the soil is this year compared to last, when I was routinely pulling up rocks and bed springs. One small annoyance though - the extra space I've added to the plot has proved a little problematic as there is so much clay there. Realistically, it might not be that good for growing things, but I'm determined to grow extra veg in pots this year, so I should still be able to grow more produce.

If only I had a bit more time to spend outside. Roll on the clocks going forward!!

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stu said...

I really like your site and scanning the older pages has been a really good starting point as I am a veg virgin!
I've been watching a programme on style tv called Heavens Garden about the creation of an organic veg plot next to a pub abd have been inspired to have a go.
I have also a new blog of my own and have posted a link to yours, I hope you don't mind.
You can find me at "the veg virgin" stop by, have a look. Any hints or tips welcomed, if you like it perhaps you will consider a link to your site, people can chuckle at the mistakes I make!