Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Muck some rake!

Once again, things have conspired against me working too much my plot. I managed to 'muck some rake' (I have a real problem with organising those three words into the correct order when i speak), and I also gave it a good dig over. I must admit, that felt wonderful - only a few aches afterwards. That bit of work took place in the weekend that fell between the freezing conditions and the torrential downpour.

But any other free time has been sorely missing of late. This is mainly because, most unbelievably, a publisher has shown a keen interest in my children's book. It seems like such a bizarre thing to happen, and I can't quite believe it. Nothing's definite yet, but it's spurred me into action on different fronts - planning and plotting the sequels, being one.

However, back to vegetable fighting talk. My broad beans will be planted very soon, I'm determined to get that done. Time's slipping by for them, and I'm not going to miss out on their lovely sleeping bag pods this year.

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stu said...

I like your site a lot and connect with many of the thoughts you express.
I'm looking for planting tips contained in your archive and any other goodies I can use to make my first year a bit easier.
Is it alright if i make a link from my blog to yours and vice versa? I'm new at all this tech stuff as well so not sure of the protocols.
Have look at my first pages at 'the veg virgin' to see the type of thing i'm trying to do.