Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's a frog's life

While sitting in the tranquility of a friend's garden enjoying a barbecue, a frog decided his time was up. He leapt through the air, throwing three sheets to the wind and descended sharply onto the burning hot coals.

There was a slight fizzle, a couple of slight hops, then death. Short, sharp and, I imagine very painful. But an effective way to go nonetheless. What would draw a small frog to such a final deadly act is beyond me. Maybe the flies weren't buzzy enough. Maybe another frog had run off with his girl.

I haven't seen a frog croak it before, and I feel rather sad that he had to go in such a desperate fashion. But I guess city living in the amphibian world is just as tough as the human one.

We didn't eat him by the way.


Clare said...

Oh my god! That's so odd. But it made me chuckle in spiteof myself!!

bean said...

Perhaps the Crazy Frog made him do it? Imagine the sense of shame felt from being associated with the most annoying thing ever to come out of Sweden (and the very reasons why this could only have happened in Sweden are found here -

It's a very gross image your story conjures up, but a very amusing one nonetheless.