Monday, June 06, 2005

My very thin plot

Sunday morning was a *big* day for me as far as my veg plot goes... I've filled it up! Totally rammed. No more space left to swing a trowel!

I must admit, I dug myself a rather smallish plot in the first place and so was limited in terms of what I could grow, but for a first attempt I had to set myself some limits! And now when I look out my window I no longer see a grave, or a load of earth with potential. Now I see crops. And a large amount of cat poo humming in the early morning sun - but I think I can deal with that now.

So the final things to go in were red cabbages, broccoli and a second row of carrots, this time of the scarlet horn variety. There was something wonderful in putting my last few seedlings out to pasture, and now I can sit back a little and learn how to keep them all alive.

I forgot to mention that I was offered some brussel sprout plants last week. Aghast at my initial reaction of 'oh yes that might be nice to have in my plot', I feel that I should repent my sins. I swore to never deal with those devilish little green balls of bile, and for the feelings of my blog alone, I am truly sorry to have even contemplated the matter.

To anyone interested in the Lupin killer, it's taken a third victim in the shape of a very late about-to-flower daffodil. Rest easy in your beds at night though, for I am undertaking the employment of a nightwatchman in the form of milo the cat. If anyone can catch a bug, it's that little curly haired monkey!


Vanesita said...

Al, your plot is lovely. And, just to let you know, Tito calls the tomato plants you gave you 'our children'. Kawaiiii!

bean said...

Congratulations on getting your plot fully operational.

Sprouts, along with beetroot, are crimes against evolution. They must be stopped.

Al said...

now beetroot, i can live with. If only because it has the ability to stain everything it comes into contact with. That has to be aplauded, doesn't it? And also, as a new zealand friend would say, it goes well with egg for a kiwi-style burger arrangement?!? But sprouts, as you say are indeed pestilence, and a blight on the good old christmas dinner.

Clare said...

Now then! Sprouts are really not that bad. Lightly steamed, drizzled with olive oil and then sprinkled with chopped hazlenuts toasted with a bit of grated ginger and they're absolutely gorgeous.

But they do make you fart a lot.

Al said...

Blimey, sprouts à la carte! Actually, Katie made a yummy dish once when she fancied up the sprouts. But I only whispered that, you hear!!

One thing I've learned is that if you boil sprouts with a liberal dose of bicarbonate of soda, it lessens the fart potential. But i can't say I've tried them enough to say whether it fully works or not.

Clare said...

I'm not sure that sprouts with bicarb of soda sound very tasty at all. Flatulence free, possibly even good for your teeth but delicious? Hmmmmmn.

Katie said...

You can't taste the bicarb once they've been cooked! It works as well, honest.

Jim and Barbara said...

Brussels Sprout soup has to be one of lifes luxuries, I know it sounds gross but try it it is to die for. Does not help your parps though.

We live at Crystal Palace and have an allotment( full of sprouts ) at Beckenham.