Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hello Flower!

This week has all been about work. Now you could normally accuse me of being one of those 'whistle while you work' type characters (although I'm more likely to be found pretending to be a trumpet - much to the chagrin of fellow workers), but it's been heavy going these past few days, leaving me with little time to think. So when I had to rise at 6 this morning to finish an illustration, I was feeling a tad down on the world.

But then two things happened that reheated the very tired cockles of my heart. First, I casually looked out of the window and spotted not one Woodpecker, but two. And then one of them started feeding the other on our fence. It was a baby, with a bright red cap, and it was a most delightful experience. Then I saw a wren, a lady chaffinch, and even the friendly greenfinches came to say hello. (ok, so that's a lot more than one thing, but for the sake of this post, it'll do!)

And then as my heady descent into apoplexy was starting to ease, I went out to water my peas. As if seeing two woodpeckers wasn't enough, jumping out from the pea plants were my first two flowers. A gleaming white frilly thing on a sugar snap pea, and a bright reddish one on a purple podded pea plant.

If only all days started like this!

Although I then had to deal with the Crystal Palace ticket office being closed and not being able to renew my travel card. No matter how good you can be feeling about the world, British Rail will always strive to ruin it for you.

And since then I haven't made a single trumpet parp.


Katie said...

I should point out that the trumpet parps are coming from his mouth not his bottom.

mtp said...

Wow a Woodpecker - no way? Now that would make you smile. What made me smile this week was coming back from a week-long conference to find that my red currants are now red! and taste beautiful. And also that my husband had watered all my plants and looked after them while I was gone - you can't ask for much more than that!