Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Coldplay in my place

I returned home yesterday to find the air filled with Coldplay. Their mild-mannered music bounded around the hills of Crystal Palace like an echo in the Swiss Alps and, no matter what you did it was impossible to avoid it.

I noticed my courgettes and tomatoes had buckled a little under the strain - Mozart it clearly ain't – and after another round of earbashing tonight, I'm wondering if my peas might also take offence too.

So when people say Coldplay are totally inoffensive, they're wrong. Plants hate them (although it might simply have been the exceedingly hot day...).


Clare said...

Not just plants - I can't stand 'em!

bean said...

Coldplay - the musical equivalent of courgettes: like to think they're all exotic and different but are really nothing more than bland watery mush which take a lot of work to make palatable, and even then are only bearable in small quantities.

Give me a proper squash any day!

Jim and Barbara said...

I agree. I went to bed early as Barbara had gone out with friends. It was very hot so had the window open.Tried to read but gave up as all I could here was a pubescent squeal. By the way Mr Bean courgettes are my favoutite veg. You must be cooking them wrong :)

Clare said...

On behalf of courgettes I'm very offended.

bean said...

Hey, if you think I'm being harsh on courgettes, then don't get me started on aubergines! :D

Al said...

I love both - a good aubergine curry is to die for. And as for courgettes, fry or bake them with garlic! delicious

Clare said...

I'm with bean when it comes to aubergines - absolutely foul. And what a con. They're purple, so by rights, they should be gorgeous.

Al said...

you're right about purple - i just had my first handful of purple podded peas, and they were delicious (although they were green). I don't think i've ever eaten peas so soon after picking before, and it was a real eye-opener

mtp said...

Peas rock - I opened the first pod to appear on my plants yesterday. Two peas inside - one for me one for Ryan. Sweetness and light!

Clare said...

Who'd have thought that a post about Coldplay would have propmted so many comments? Surely there can't be more to them than I originally thought?

Nah. Definitely not.

I do wish you guys would stop talking about your harvests - you're further south than I am and I'm still waiting!

Anonymous said...

It was the Hot day.
Coldplays music is beautiful, deep && introsepctive.
Maybe your plants just couldnt handle all the soul strikingly beautiful music.

sexy said...