Thursday, March 24, 2005

That pesky varmint!

I love squirrels. We brought them here in nice little boats, and gave them the run of our country. It's not their fault they're singlehandedly responsible for our diminishing population of red squirrels. I've always thought a lot of them. But now one has just bitten my bird feeder to pieces, i think i may have to take up arms.

I might make myself a squirrel fur hat and hang the tail of each kill from its back, like Davy Crockett. Or I may just take the less barbarian approach and start feeding it. I can't believe that some clever person has come up with the idea of a squirrel feeder - something that's apparently just a dried sweetcorn hanging on a rope. The theory is great: feed a squirrel 'squirrel food' and it'll leave 'bird food' alone. If it works, them i'll be a happy man. But for some reason, all i think it will do is provide it with yet more food and make it even fatter at the expense of all my lovely blue tits.


Jim said...

had trouble with them digging up our bulbs planted in pots. Was told to grate soap flakes on top and it seemed to work. My cheese sanwiches taste a bit odd though.
I live in Crystal Palace and have an allotment in Beckenham.

Havahart Traps said...

You could just make him fat enough to not be able to get to the bird for thought (and share some of that food with the squirrel! LOL)