Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Storm over Battersea Power Station

I've just returned from a meeting in town and came through some amazing storm fronts. This one had just visited Crystal Palace and was on its way central when i snapped it. It was the prettiest train ride home I've ever had.

But this rain shows no sign of abating! I'm almost too scared to venture into my garden for fear of being eaten by all the slugs that are now permanent residents out there. They've already destroyed two runner bean plants... but I guess they're only hungry.

However, all is not lost, for there's a new coffee machine in my kitchen. It goes whirrr, and woosh, and cost a little bit more than the last, but it's the most wonderful thing. I love it more than life itself.


Kirsty said...

Wow Al that is an amazing photo! I'm lost for words

Karen Peralta said...

Dear Lady,

Nice story. Do you work at all for a living, or are/were you a stay at home mom? I found out that if you become one of those, they make you become your child or children's entire school system.

At least "they" fail miserably at their appointed task.


a Bruce Lee wannabee

Melanie Rimmer said...

The weather's been really grim, hasn't it? Slugs, snails and weeds are the only things that seem to be thriving. But I've planted two sweet pepper plants as an act of sheer defiance.

Slots Secrets said...

Should you tell it ??” a gross blunder.