Thursday, May 24, 2007

Runners in Crystal Palace

Known for its Athletics track, Crystal Palace is now host to a few more permanent runners in the shape of my beans, which got a good planting out yesterday. There's a definite 'Allotment Chic' look coming to the Sprouts garden now, with a wall of bamboo canes and bits of string standing tall and making it look incredibly ramshackle. I like the look though. Kind of a zen garden gone british, if you see what I mean - although my patch is a bit too lumpy to create rake patterns. The closest I get to them is when cats use my plot as a toilet and dig me nice little holes.


Nik said...

It must be the time of year for it. I moved my beans out of the greenhouse last night, as they were touching the ceiling, and they're now playing on their own happy climbing frame, ready to be pecked to bits by the birds.

Al said...

ah! my birds are content with their new seed mix, shuffled by my own hand, and which includes thistle seeds! my garden will be covered in them next year no doubt!

what's your blog nik? this one ?