Saturday, February 03, 2007

A green birthday

Instead of calling this blog 'Anything but Sprouts', I should probably have called it 'Mainly Courgettes'. Yesterday was my birthday, you see, and there among the presents was this wonderfully unusual book called 'What will i do with all those courgettes?'. It's a very good question - and name for a book – I hear you all saying. Maybe I could use them to make a picture? or even write an autobiography? Or simply just use one of the 150 recipes to make something to eat...

As you can see, there was actually a green theme to many of the presents I received. Ok, so it wasn't all gardening 'green', but when it's a book about the Muppets, who gives a Rowlf?


Melanie Rimmer said...

I have that feeling about courgettes too. I once asked for advice how many courgette plants to grow. I was told "Plant three and pray one dies". If I could make biofuel out of them I could solve the worlds' energy crisis at a stroke. What do you reckon?

Al said...

I agree. the year before last I had so many courgettes that i was even eating them for breakfast.

sexy said...