Monday, January 23, 2006

Dig, dug, dugged

This saturday was spent digging the lawn. Or rather the newly expanded plot that's now almost twice the size. It felt good to get active in the garden again, but I'd forgotten the aches and pains that come hand in hand with digging. Occasional badminton just doesn't prepare you for hard slog. It does give you a keen eye for incoming missiles and birds though, and, just like last year, the robins were out helping me.

It was actually a day for a double dose of excitement as some seeds arrived in the post - dahlias, echinacea and assorted veg. I've decided to make a bit of an effort with flowers as well as the veg this year. I think looking at the Great Vegetable Plot by Sarah Raven, which seems to have been a popular xmas present for many bloggers (particularly at MTP), has made me realise how lovely my little bit of garden could be. I try growing flowers most years with little success - with the exception of sweet peas - but I'll give it yet another go.


HB said...

I nearly bought that book last week - it looks good and I think I shall give in to temptation soon. One of the things I want for WB Paddocks is not only lots of flwers, but a small pond too - loads of insects to kick start the food chain and help my organic quest!

Al said...

The book is great. She doesn't seem to take much of a line on not using peat etc - she says at one point that a cheap compost will do, which i find a bit odd. But there are nice sections and loads of detail. I think it's been reduced to half price in some shops!

Asha Thiruchelvam said...

Good going Al, I only managed 30 minutes outside on Sunday when I realised that my fingers weren't moving unless assisted!