Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bye bye courgettes

i got around to shoring up my leeks at the weekend and clearing the massively overgown courgette plants from their way. I've had so much produce from them that it would be churlish of me to begrudge their right to existence in my plot, but their time had come. It felt good as well. Like a murderous hairdresser I snipped feverishly at their woody stalks and stuffed them into my composter.

It'll be strange not having courgettes with every meal.


David said...

Hi Al,

Ahhh, courgettes eh? They are on my list of 'must grow' for either my first year (2006) or the next. Or rather they were.

You see, my old man grew them this year and the difference in everyone's attitude to being given a few lovely little freebies at the start of the season to the weary horror they displayed at the end was stark and ugly. Visits to their home became a trial in how to dodge being given them – a battle of wits that saw the determination of both side rise to new highs (and lows) in a war of nutrition. Oh the horror.

Even after they had stopped harvesting them (realising that their kids were now avoiding the old homestead like a plague zone) the growing of two marrows nearly ended in divorce! The end result of the Great Marrow Battle is that I accepted one to take some of the heat of the old man only to draw down fiery damnation upon myself from the mistress of the house about the need for significant storage space and the fact she wasn’t going to cook the damn thing.

On balance, if I give into temptation I’ll try to limit it to one or two plants. That or the mistress of the house will have me living in the shed, I fear.

Al said...

I think I agree with you about the courgettes. Next year, it's one plant all the way. Although I'll have to grow three just in case, which will probably mean I end up with 3 in my plot!!