Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I do love you fridge, honest

Due to a slight miscalculation as to how much we eat, or how much we need to keep cool, our kitchen is the proud owner of a fridge the size of Fort Knox. It was certainly a treat to get rid of the old banger when it finally died on us – I’d forgotten that milk had the capability to stay fresh longer than a day. There’s also the convenience of now being able to cool beers while keeping the butter close at hand. It’s funny how you forget such simple pleasures.

And yet most of the time the fridge is like the Ark prior to the Flood. It really will take a mammoth task to fill it. Maybe we’ve made an investment for our children (if and when they might happen). Currently, all it keeps refrigerated is eggs, cheese, butter, milk, beer and catfood. All of which normally reside in the door anyway – a door that is, incidentally, hung the wrong way due to a careless wall obstructing its edge.

So in many respects our fridge is living a life unfulfilled, and it’s a good lesson in how not to buy things over the internet: be sensible, go and see it in a shop first. Maybe we were buying on an empty stomach, with our eyes bigger than our belly. But I’m quite excited about the prospect of summer: the prospect of having a freshly chilled store of my own veg and produce. I know the fridge is there for me, and it will be for a long time to come. I just hope it knows I’m there for it too. I do love you fridge, honest, no matter how much I leave you out in the cold.

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